For Ocean Carriers

Imodal’s repositioning programs assist to fill voids of unsold or unusable vessel space. Revenue earned by empty containers effectively contributes towards fixed vessel costs incurred.

For Container Owner/Operators

Imodal offers cost-effective repositioning options to activate equipment from surplus to demand areas, thus allowing equipment to be used more productively.

Value-added Services

With all Imodal services, we are able to provide “value-added” functions in tandem with repositioning services. Examples of extensions of service are: trucking/drayage; customs clearance, etc. In most cases, these additional services are available on a stand-alone basis.

Imodal specializes in the repositioning of intermodal containers from surplus to demand locations throughout the world.

We are a non-asset-based intermediary acting as a broker, representing both the Carrier and Shipper.

Containers are an instrumental tool of trade. A lack of containers in demand locations poses an obvious threat to lost bookings; an excess of containers in surplus locations is an opportunity cost resulting from asset underutilization.

Container imbalances are a costly byproduct largely resulting from the general imbalances of international trade. The “investment” of equipment repositioning, from the perspective of container owners and operators, is a necessary and unavoidable cost of doing business.

Imodal offers opportunities to reposition equipment in a cost efficient, timely and reliable manner.

Our Services

Fleet Repositioning

Fleet repositioning is our core business. Imodal arranges the cost-effective movement of EMPTY containers from surplus to demand locations. We are generally able to offer and utilize large quantities of vessel space on a steady basis.

We serve virtually all world markets, including, but not limited to: the Americas (North, South, Central and the Caribbean); Europe (North, South, the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Scandinavia); Asia (North, South, Southeast, Australasia and Oceania), the Middle East; the Indian Subcontinent; and Africa.

Historically, by volume, our largest markets are:

North America Asia
Europe Asia
Intra Europe

For container owner/operators, Imodal’s fleet repositioning program allows equipment to be used more productively by being in the right place at the right time.

For ocean carriers, Imodal’s fleet repositioning program provides opportunities to utilize unsold or unusable vessel space, while earning revenue and contributing towards vessel costs incurred when ships sail at less than full capacity.

Factory Positioning

Similar to our Fleet Repositioning service, our Factory Positioning program moves EMPTY containers ex-factory to key locations throughout the world.

We specialize in the movement of new production Reefers from factory to strategic locations involved in refrigerated trade. Historically, by volume, our primary markets are from China to:

Central America
South America
North Europe

For container owner/operators, Imodal’s factory positioning program injects equipment into strategic trade, leasing or sale markets in order to achieve maximum asset utilization. Positioning the containers empty mitigates exposure to damage that may occur resulting from cargo.

For ocean carriers, Imodal’s factory positioning increases vessel utilization, earns high revenue, and diversifies cargo mixes.

One-Ways & Cabotage

When opportunities arise, one-way and cabotage services provide container repositioning at a fraction of the cost versus pure empty repositioning.

Imodal is a “matchmaker” among our vast network of clients, including: ocean carriers, leasing companies, private container owners, container traders, beneficial importers and exporters, as well as other 3PL firms.

For container owner/operators, Imodal’s one-way and cabotage programs represent cost avoidance opportunities that alternatively achieve the net result of equipment repositioning.

For users of equipment, Imodal’s one-way and cabotage programs provide opportunities to make use of equipment when none is available within proprietary inventories, thus preserving the ability to capture business that would be lost void of equipment. One-way and cabotage opportunities also allow the user to avoid ensuing costs relating to asset management if the destination is an existing surplus location or otherwise unfavorable.

About Us

Mission & Core Values

Imodal’s mission is to be the industry’s most reliable and trusted container repositioning company.

We are committed to providing a high caliber of service, being cost competitive, devising solutions that are unique to Imodal, evolving our business to changes in the market, demonstrating the spirit of partnership, and acting as an extension of resources to customers, vendors and strategic partners.

Our core values are unwavering, to:
Conduct all business in a professional manner with the highest regard for ethics;
Preserve our neutrality as an intermediary, while protecting the interests of our customers;
Offer the option of all-inclusive service and pricing;
Outperform competitors;
Understand the business of our client and add insight that may represent areas of improvement;
Protect proprietary trade secrets of customers by keeping all information strictly confidential;
Admit errors and act vigorously to rectify them;
Be respectful of the market, and not intentionally influence or disturb the balance of international trade;
Not knowingly offer misleading information, and be direct in discourse;
Not consider a file closed until it is truly complete.

NVOCC Credentials


Imodal is a NVOCC registered with the FMC as FMC Organization No. 022342, and licensed as Ocean Transportation Intermediary under FMC-OTI No. 022342N.


Imodal’s Tariff No. 022342-001 is maintained by Distribution Publications, Inc.


Imodal’s Bond No. 2015120183 is underwritten by Roanoke Trade.

Joe Dymkowski, President

Joe founded Imodal in 2008 and has over 20 years experience in the field of containerized trade. Prior to Imodal, Joe worked for Textainer as the Director of Logistics. There, he had primary oversight of Textainer’s repositioning program, among the world’s largest fleets of intermodal containers. Also, Joe was an architect and program manager of Textainer’s pioneering single-source Contract with the US Military for the leasing of intermodal equipment.

Before Textainer, Joe worked for two international ocean carriers in various pricing and marketing roles. At CMA-CGM, he was an integral team member involved in the startup of its Transpacific service. Joe’s diverse background involving various sectors of containerization provides a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of container repositioning.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Edward van Dorp, Managing Director

Edward joined Imodal in 2008 shortly after formation and has over 30 years experience in liner shipping and logistics, primarily with the P&O Group. He joined P&O Containers directly after graduating from Oxford University. His career with P&O included assignments in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. Most recently in Shanghai, Edward headed P&O Nedlloyd’s Sales activities in China, then managed its logistics and forwarding subsidiary – P&O Nedlloyd Logistics China Limited.

Upon returning to the UK, Edward headed up P&O Nedlloyd’s Intra-European and East African Trades before leaving the group to join Clarksons. There, he established its container slot broking activities under the Global Slot Network joint venture brand prior to joining Imodal.

Edward brings to Imodal a wealth of experience in all aspects of the container transportation industry including General Management roles in Operations, Sales, Trade and Logistics.

Ash Farin, Director, Asia

Ash has nearly 15 years experience in many areas of containerized trade. Before joining Imodal in 2012, Ash was employed most recently by APL. He was hired as a Management Trainee in London and gained experience in customer service, finance and liner sales before joining the European Equipment department in Rotterdam. There, he focused on intra-Europe and international repositioning, one-ways, re-sale, and M&R.

Ash subsequently moved to the APL Corporate Equipment group in Singapore, where he assumed a more strategic role by being actively involved in Asia equipment operations and the tactical repositioning of the global reefer fleet.

Ash has an Economics degree from Leeds Business School.

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