About Imodal

Established in 2008, Imodal has dedicated offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, complimented by an extensive global network of partner Agents.

Mission & Core Values

Imodal’s mission is to be the industry’s most reliable and trusted container repositioning company.

We are committed to providing a high caliber of service, being cost competitive, devising solutions that are unique to Imodal, evolving our business to changes in the market, demonstrating the spirit of partnership, and acting as an extension of resources to customers, vendors and strategic partners.

Our core values are unwavering, to:

  • Conduct all business in a professional manner with the highest regard for ethics;
  • Preserve our neutrality as an intermediary, while protecting the interests of our customers;
  • Offer the option of all-inclusive service and pricing;
  • Outperform competitors;
  • Understand the business of our client and add insight that may represent areas of improvement;
  • Protect proprietary trade secrets of customers by keeping all information strictly confidential;
  • Admit errors and act vigorously to rectify them;
  • Be respectful of the market, and not intentionally influence or disturb the balance of international trade;
  • Not knowingly offer misleading information, and be direct in discourse;
  • Not consider a file closed until it is truly complete.

NVOCC Credentials


Imodal is a NVOCC registered with the FMC as FMC Organization No. 022342, and licensed as Ocean Transportation Intermediary under FMC-OTI No. 022342N.
To view our license, click here (PDF).


Imodal’s Tariff No. 022342-001 is maintained by Distribution Publications, Inc.
To view our tariff, click here (PDF).


Imodal’s Bond No. JGINVOCC2710 is underwritten by Ullico Inc.
To view our bond, click here (PDF).

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